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Reset & Thrive with the Wellness Formula

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what You’re getting

  • Six 90-Min Group Coaching Calls
  • Three 45-Min 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Resource + Training Vault
  • Your Unique “Wellness Map”
  • Personalized Feedback + Voxer Access
  • Members-Only Community

“Transformative. I learned so many tools to help me on my self-care journey, including how to stay connected to my intuition, how to let go of past traumas/disappointments/losses, breathing techniques, and how to treat myself with kindness and grace. Coaching has made my life much easier and helped save me time. I don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, disappointment or sadness like I did the last 5 years. What I love most about working with Cindy is her positivity and encouragement. I never feel like I’m falling behind, not doing the work or not making progress. She makes it easy to make a commitment to yourself, and provides options/tools for working through challenges.”

Blythe A.